Why Does My Dog Poop Against the Wall

Dogs are very territorial and will want to explore their environment and mark areas that they want to possess. Thus, it is not uncommon for dogs to leave a pile of their poop in spots where they want to claim their ownership.

Having said that, is that the only reason why your dog leaves his poop on the wall or is there more to that behavior?

Let’s read into your dog’s mind to find out more.

He is Marking His Territory

A dog will sometimes leave his feces in inappropriate places (such as on the wall, couch or carpet) just to claim his ownership.

This is usually seen in dogs that are territorial, and they are trying to show their dominance. 

They want to let other dogs know that these areas are theirs and no one else should be there.

And the reason why your dog chose a wall as his territory is because it allows him to poop high as he lifts his legs against it.

Based on his reasoning, he believes that the higher his poop, the farther the scent of his poop will travel, and he wants other dogs to know about his presence.

It is usually the most confident dogs that will mark most frequently, although stressed or nervous dogs may also mark excessively.

The Height of the Wall Makes It An Ideal Pooping Spot

When your dog lifts his leg to perform his pooping on the wall, his feces will be left on the wall at a height that is just conveniently at nose level for any dog to sniff at.

This makes him believe that the wall will be the BEST spot for him to do his pooping.

He will make that area his favorite place to poop and will never defecate anywhere else.

It is a natural habitat that dogs will leave feces in places where they feel the scent will be easily picked up by other pack members. 

And in this case, it will be on the wall that is just within the reach of the dog’s nose.

Wall Gives Him A Sense Of Security During Pooping

Dogs will be let off their guard when they are doing potty and that makes them vulnerable to being attacked.

That is why you will often find that your dog will only do his potty in areas that he is familiar with (as he knows that will be free of threat).

If he has to pee and poop in an unfamiliar area, he will be sure that you are with him before he is willing to do his potty.

This is because he sees you as his Alpha and believes that you will protect him from any threat.

He is also likely to choose an area where there is less of a threat to him, such as back on a wall, tree or bush, where he can be sure that an attack will not come from that direction.

In this case, at least one side of the tree or wall protects him from predators, rather than leaving him exposed in the open space.

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Female Dog Attempting to Attract a Male Dog

By pooping on the wall, your (female) dog is trying to convey a message to her male counterparts that she is in great shape and ready to have a litter when she meets the right alpha male.

This is often the case when the female dog is not yet spayed and will be receptive to the advances of an interested male.

She will try to draw the attention of a male dog by peeing on doorways and furniture as well.

The female dog is trying to communicate to the male dog that “I’m in good health” and “I’m ready to breed” and that he should pay her some attention.

You may want to consider spaying your female dog if that is the primary reason for the inappropriate pooping habit.

Just An Act To Get Your Attention

Dogs are intelligent animals, and they certainly know how to get back their owner’s attention if they feel left out.

That applies to your dog as well. He is aware of what needs to be done to get your focus back on him.

Your dog will do anything to get your attention when he isn’t given enough, even if it means he will make you unhappy, such as pooping on the wall, peeing on your carpet or chewing your favorite shoe.

You may also observe your dog exhibiting signs such as persistent barking, whining or jumping at you when he sees you.

Many dog owners believe that dogs bark because of fear or anger. The truth is that dogs will also bark when they are upset and need the owner’s attention.

So, if you are constantly ignoring your dog, it is only a matter of time before he will act out and try to get your attention, especially if he is suffering from separation anxiety.

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A Lack of House Training (Behavioral)

If your dog is not yet house-trained, it is inevitable that he will do his potty the ways that he feels will work best for him.

You will see him peeing and pooping all over places in the house, especially on spots that he feels his scent will be sent out further, such as at a higher spot on the wall.

What you need to do is to start him on a house training program to make him know where he is supposed to do his elimination.

Avoid the following common pitfall in house training

The most frequent pitfall in house training is letting your dog run outside to do “his business” and expecting him to return with his elimination done.

You see, dogs who aren’t fully house-trained often go outside, get distracted, and forget that he is there to do his potty.

And when he is back inside (where there are fewer distractions) he will remember his urge to do his potty and have an accident at home.

To avoid this problem, be sure to take your dog to his potty and stay there till he has completed his elimination. 

Be sure to ONLY praise and reward your dog after he has finished his elimination as you will not want to interrupt the process, causing him to “overlook” his potty.

Positive reinforcement should be used when training your dog rather than punishment as punishing your dog for ‘accidents’ may cause him to be afraid of doing his “business” near you, and make him eliminate elsewhere out of your sight.

Accidents will continue to happen during the training so do not forget to thoroughly disinfect the area (using soap and water first, then an enzymatic cleaner, such as Nature’s Miracle) where the accident occurred or else the odor left there will “lure” your dog back for his future elimination. 

You can spray mustard oil around the area you want your dog to avoid and let it do its magic. Dogs simply detest the taste and smell of mustard oil.

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