Do Chihuahuas Like To Be Kissed

As an emotional animal, dogs can feel that their owners love and care for them when they are being hugged and kissed. Having said that, does your Chihuahua REALLY like the kiss that you have been giving him? Or is it just that he just doesn’t have a choice to say “No!”?

Let’s find out in this post.

The answer to this question depends on the dog’s socialization and the love and bond he had with the person giving him the kiss. A well-socialized dog will usually love being kissed by someone he trusts and regards as his pack leader. 

It Depends on How Well Socialized Your Dog Is

Poor socialization will cause a dog to be fearful of things, people, and other pets. It usually happens to rescued stray dogs who have not been socialized.

This could explain why your Chihuahua is so defensive towards humans if he was a stray dog that you had rescued. Most likely, he was abandoned or abused by humans and developed a negative relationship with them.

That is why a simple kiss from you can result in tremendous stress and anxiety for him, and he may start to act aggressively.

As a dog’s daily life revolves around interacting with other animals and people, socialization is of particular importance to them.

Dogs that have been socialized will be able to act calmly in most circumstances. He will be capable of handling different situations, and respond appropriately to each.

Above all, he will know how to behave himself when interacting with people and animals.

As long as your Chihuahua is more than 3 months old, you can start him on socialization training.

Do keep in mind that socialization doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that you should begin as early as possible when you have adopted your dog.

Check out the following signs to see how well-socialized your dog is. If he exhibits any of these signs, it’s time to start him on a training plan.

Poorly socialized dogs will exhibit these signs :

  • Lack of confidence or fear when meeting strangers or other dogs.
  • An aggressive nature when interacting with strangers and other dogs.
  • Whenever strangers or other dogs approach him, he will either back up or raise his hackles.
  • Having aggressive or fearful behavior during a walk, even when no one else or no other dogs are present.

Dogs need socialization for their mental and physical well-being. It develops a dog’s confidence, independence, and trust in the world around him. 

Through it, he learns how to deal with different situations and respond appropriately. Socialization also helps prevent future problems. 

Unsocialized dogs, for example, are more likely to be aggressive towards other dogs, people, and animals.

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Dogs Are Aware That Kissing Is an Expression of Emotion

You might have come across situations where your Chihuahua licks your face, especially when you have been away for almost a day. 

Your dog does this to communicate his emotions. He is telling you that he is happy and excited to see you again and wants to convey his feelings.

He could also be performing this act (licking your face) to show his gratitude towards you for the care that you have given him.

In the same way, when you express your affection to him through the kiss, he will understand that you are telling him that he means something special to you, and you care about him.

The evidence of his happiness can be seen in his body language, including a relaxed body posture and a wagging tail. 

His gaze will be mellow, his eyes will be relaxed, and he will blink frequently. His ears will also be relaxed and resting against his head.

And when you rub his ears, he will groan in pleasure and joy.

Therefore, a simple kiss on your dog’s forehead can tell him how much you care for him and is an action that will make him happy.

A Kiss from You Brings Back Memories of His Mom Licking Him

He is sure to love this kissing since it brings back fond childhood memories of his mother taking care of him (licking him to keep him clean) when he was a puppy.

During puppyhood, puppies often receive lots of licks from their mother, and this experience (their first attachment to their mothers during early development) makes them love to be kissed because it gives them a sense of protection and love.

This feeling will last throughout their lives, and every time you give your Chihuahua a kiss, it makes him feel as though he is being loved and protected by his mother once again.

In fact, when you give your Chihuahua a kiss, he will learn to associate you with affection and security. You’ll also be helping him to establish a strong bond with you, which in turn will help strengthen your relationship.

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Stay Away from Me (You Have a Bad Breath Odor)

Just like your partner will ask you to stay away from kissing her if you have a bad breath odor, the same goes for your dog as well.

This is especially so if you have been smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks or eating foods that are prepared with lots of spices, onions and garlic and the smell lingers in your mouth.

As you give him a kiss or blow at his face (to play with him), this unpleasant smell “adheres” to his face. 

And as you probably know, dogs simply hate these “offensive” smells and with their strong scent of smell, that scent is probably multiplied by 100x stronger than what you had picked up through your nose.

That explains why your Chihuahua runs away from you the moment he sees you coming near him as he can smell your mouth breath from miles away.

So, you should rinse your mouth with a mouthwash if you intend to give your dog a lovely kiss. It will certainly help to freshen your breath.

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