Why Do Chihuahuas Lick Inside Your Nose

It comes as no surprise that dogs enjoy licking themselves as well as their owners. While the frequency of the licking will vary from dog to dog, licking is a common way for dogs to convey their feelings.

Some dogs exhibit the unusual behavior of licking the inside of a person’s nose from time to time. If your Chihuahua is doing that act on you, you may be interested in knowing why he does that.

There are various reasons behind this madness, and we will go through them in this post. 

Your attention is sought by him, you appear unwell (flu), he is grooming you, he is curious about the “wind” blowing from your nose, this is his way of greeting you, you have rewarded him for this behavior, he is displaying his submissiveness to you, he needs your help or licking is a matter of pleasure for him.

He Is Trying To Catch Your Attention

When your dog licks your nose while you are reading a book, it is likely because he wants your attention. If you haven’t been paying attention to him, or if you have been ignoring him lately, he may have been feeling neglected. 

This (licking) is something that dogs often do when they feel unloved or bored. Your dog wants to make sure that you are aware of his presence and get your attention back to him.

If you want to avoid this behavior, it is important that you allocate sufficient time to spend with your Chihuahua so that he will not feel neglected and to start him on some obedience training program.

Chihuahuas are very sociable dogs and enjoy being around people and do not want to be left alone for long periods of time.

To ensure that they don’t get abandoned or lonely, they will often try to get the attention of their owners through begging, whining, howling, jumping on them and even mouthing and licking their legs and hands.

If you want to keep your Chihuahua happy and healthy, make sure that he has a comfortable environment to live in, and that he has enough physical and mental stimulation to keep him occupied.

Keep in mind that your Chihuahua needs your attention just as much as you need his. So, you should take a few moments to pet your dog and give him a kiss on his head whenever he is with you.

This will make him happy, and you will be rewarded with a well-behaved dog.

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You Seem To Be Unwell To Him

Did you find your Chihuahua love performing this act on you while you were sick? 

As a matter of fact, your dog absolutely loves and cares for you, so when he sees you running a nose, it’s a natural instinct for him to find out what’s wrong with you.

He will feel that it is his responsibility to clean the fluid that is flowing out of your nose and to lick the inside of your nose to determine what is causing this to happen.

It could also be the case that there is bleeding internally in your nostril and your dog gets to smell the “blood” and wants to do his investigation.

Also, by smelling your breath, your dog can detect many diseases, including cancer and diabetes that you may be unaware of.

In the event that your dog is acting in this behavior out of a sudden, and you feel unwell, you should see a doctor.

You Are Being Groomed by Him

When you have a Chihuahua, you are bound to get a lot of kisses and licks. These dogs love to make sure they get a good taste of everything.

They love to be hugged and kissed, and enjoy snuggling up next to their owners to find out what they are up to.

And when your Chihuahua regards you as his dearest friend, he will express his love and affection by grooming you.

That explains why when you are at rest, your dog will lie next to you and start licking your legs, hands, face and nose.

He is showing you his affection and at the same time using his tongues to remove dirt and debris that has accumulated in your noses.

So if your nose is not clean, your chihuahua may get a little excited and take a little nibble.

Curious of the “Wind” Blowing from Your Nose

Chihuahuas are naturally curious creatures. They like to investigate everything they see or hear and can get a little carried away at times. That is when they will stick their tongue in places that they shouldn’t.

So when your dog feels the “wind” (which is your breathing) coming out of your nose, he gets excited and sticks his tongue in there to check it out.

If he gets too excited, he will begin licking incessantly, making you feel annoyed.

It’s His Way of Greeting You

Chihuahuas are known for being very friendly and playful, but sometimes, they can be a bit too friendly.

When your Chihuahua licks your face and nose early in the morning, this is his way of saying hello, and he hopes you are just as excited about the day ahead as he is.

It is obvious that he is eager to play with you as soon as he gets up, and he knows that by licking your face and nose that will get you out of bed.

Quite often, you will see his tail and whole body wiggling as he feels relaxed and happy.

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You Have Encouraged Him To This Behavior

If you have been rewarding your dog for his licking (petting him and giving him a good rub on his chest), he will start associating this act with positive experience and will love to repeat this behavior again.

In fact, he will do it even more often as he will associate this act with the reward that you are giving him.

Your best bet is to avoid rewarding him if he licks your legs, hands, face or nose. Get up and walk away to show your unhappiness. As soon as you stop petting him and giving him attention, he will stop the licking behavior. 

This is because he will know that the moment he performs this act, he will lose your love and affection.

What can you do if your dog keeps licking your nose?

  • Keeping your dog from licking your nose is possible by ignoring him or walking away from him. 
  • Always give him enough love and attention so that he will not have to seek your affection through inappropriate behavior.
  • Do not let him become bored or overexcited. 
  • Use distractions to divert his attention from your nose to his favorite toys.

Submissiveness Is Evident in His Behavior

When your Chihuahua is licking you, he’s communicating that he’s submissive. He’s showing that he respects you and is willing to take direction from you who he regards as his pack leader.

A dog can demonstrate his submissive behaviors in many ways, including bowing his head, exposing his belly, putting his tail between the legs, and avoiding direct eye contact.

Sometimes he may even pee upon greeting you.

Your Help Is Needed to Meet His Needs

When your dog licks your nose, it could mean that he is trying to inform you of something, or he needs your help. He could be telling you that he wants food, water, a walk or a potty break.

This can occur if you do not follow a regular feeding and potty schedule for your dog and your busy schedule may have made you overlook his needs. 

Licking Is A Matter of Pleasure for Him

The act of licking can be a behavior that boring dogs do to find pleasure. There is nothing better than licking you to keep him entertained if you have been rewarding him for this behavior.

It’s also a way for him to feel good as the act of licking will release endorphins, which are hormones that cause him to feel happy.

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