Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Clothes

It’s time to do your routine laundry and as you reach out for your soiled clothing, you are surprised to find your dog sleeping on them.

This makes you wonder why he is so interested in your dirty laundry?

Is it simply because he likes the smell of it or there is more to that?

Your dog likes to sleep on your clothing for various reasons, such as he likes the salty scent of your soiled laundry, he wants to be close to you or to get your attention. Your clothing gives him the best cushion, and he likes the warm cuddling sensation of your clothing. You have unintentionally made it a rewarding experience for him.

He Likes The Salty Scent On Your Soiled Clothing

As you probably know, dogs simply like scents (such as poop and dead animals) that we find to be smelly.

So you should not find it strange that your dog fancies your dirty laundry, which is salty and stinky.

The strong odor on your clothing caused by your sweat simply makes him feel irresistible, and he wants to own it. 

That is why he sleeps on them as he wants to possess them and prevent them from being taken away.

He Wants To Be Closer To You

Your clothes possess your scent and by sleeping on them, he will feel as if you are just beside him, and he is resting on you.

This is often a sign of separation anxiety when your dog feels lonely and anxious when he does not see you.

You will likely see him performing this act when you are away from home. 

What you can do is to ensure that you have a plan for some activities to keep him physically and mentally simulated so that he will not feel lonely during the time when you are not around.

Keeping him busy is certainly a good way to take his mind off you, and gradually he will have confidence to be alone without your presence.

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He Wants To Get Your Attention

Dogs are social creatures, they love to be around with their pack and people.

And if you are not giving your dog the attention that he is looking for, he is likely going to do everything in his power to make sure you notice him.

That is when you will see him following you all day long, or he will try to get your way when you are doing your laundry (by sleeping on your laundry).

In some cases, he might do something disgusting to get your attention, such as eating his poop or pooping against the wall.

You might think that your dog is being naughty and mischievous, and he is trying to annoy you by doing these things, but this is not true.

This is his way of telling you that he is feeling bored and wants you to play with him.

What you can do is to let your dog help out with running some basic errands, such as fetching newspapers, sorting laundry, closing doors and lights, picking up trash etc. and that will make him feel that he is involved in your daily activities, and he will not be feeling left out.

You need to make sure that you are engaging your dog in a manner that will keep him interested and reward him when he does a good job.

That will keep him from doing the things that you have asked him to do.

Your dog needs to feel that he has a purpose for doing these errands (to earn your praise and rewards) and this will make him feel more content.

Your Clothes Offer Him The Best Cushion

Your dog likes the texture and comfort of your clothing when he sleeps on it. It provides the softness and cushion that he is looking for.

This is likely the case if the dog bed that you are getting for him is making him feel uncomfortable.

It could be that the fabric of his bed is too rough or too hot for his skin and that makes him look for an alternative “bed” to rest on.

Try to change his bed to one that comes with softer materials and see if that helps.

Go for natural materials such as wool, cotton, or fleece rather than synthetic fabrics.

If you do not have the budget to buy a new bed, try using an old pillowcase or a blanket.

He Likes The Warm Sensation From Your Clothing

You have just dried out your clothing and your dog finds the warming cuddling feelings when he sleeps on them.

Your thick and warm sweaters are exactly what he needs to keep warm.

This is especially so when the weather is getting cold and your dog needs to keep himself warm.

If your dog belongs to a short haired breed, he is likely going to feel cold easily, and you will need to address this issue.

He will need a coat of warm clothing to keep himself warm during winter.

You see, dog clothes are not only for keeping your dog warm, but they also provide him with protection from any insect bite as well.

You can easily get dog coats that are made of nylon, leather, or cotton from any of the pet stores or online stores.

Just make sure that you get one that is the right size for him.

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You Have Unintentionally Rewarded This Behavior

Dogs learn through experience and will like to do things that they find to be rewarding.

So, if you have unintentionally rewarded your dog for sleeping on your laundry, he will start to associate that action with a behavior that you want him to do.

For instance, if you see your dog sitting on your laundry, and you give him a treat or a toy hoping to get him away from the clothing, you are in fact telling him “Good job for sitting on my clothing, here is your reward!“.

He will, of course, keep doing that act whenever he has an opportunity to do so. 

Remember, your dog will always like to get praise from YOU!

In other words, never reward (in the form of praise, treats or petting) your dog for any undesirable behavior that you do not want him to do.

You should use the “Leave It” command to make him stop whatever he is doing and go away. This is a great way to teach him to obey your commands.

By giving him the “Leave It” command, you are basically saying “No” and telling him to leave the laundry immediately.

He will learn that this is a bad behavior that you want him to stop doing.

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