Why Does My Dog Jump On My Bed In The Middle Of The Night

If you’ve noticed that your dog is acting out of his character and jumps on your bed in the middle of the night to sleep with you, there is certainly a reason for this sudden change in his behavior.

Your dog will jump on your bed at night because he hears some funny sounds from your bed, and he wants to do his investigation. He is feeling cold and wants your body’s warmth. He is afraid of being alone and needs your company. He finds your bed to be more cozy than his sleeping place, and wants to be there.

He Hears Funny Sounds From Your Bed

Do you have the habit of snoring when you are in a deep sleep?

That could explain why your dog is “looking” for you in the middle of the night to carry out his investigation.

As you are aware, dogs possess extremely sensitive hearing and can hear the sound of your breathing, your heartbeat, your movement, and your snores from a long distance.

He will come to your bed to see what is going on as the snoring sound triggers his curiosity.

Your dog is confused as to why you are snoring at this time of the night and worried that you have some underlying health issue.

He may even feel that you have been injured or that something has happened to you, and he is likely going to guard you throughout the night and only leave when your snoring stops.

Usually, your dog will stop looking for you once he is sure that you are safe and sound after he has carried out his observation on you for a few days.

He will learn that it is just your sleeping habit to snore in your sleep. 

It is important for you to know that it is not unusual for your dog to keep an eye on you at night.

It is his way of letting you know that he is there for you and that he is ready to protect you.

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He Is Feeling Cold

As the weather turns cold in the middle of the night, it is inevitable that your dog will want to get close to you to keep him warm.

This is a natural behavior for him as he likes the warmth of your body, which is so comforting to him.

You would see him getting into your bed, hiding under the covers so that he can snuggle up to you and stay warm.

If he sees you as his pack leader, he will only sleep at the foot of the bed to show his respect for you as his alpha.

Short haired dogs such as Boston Terrier, Rottweiler, Poodle, Chihuahua and Greyhound feel cold more easily compared to long haired dogs.

They do not have thick long coats to keep them warm, so they are more likely to be affected by temperature changes.

If your dog belongs to a short haired breed, you would need to take special care to keep his sleeping place warm and cozy.

What you can do is to place an extra blanket on his bed or to use a heating pad for him to rest on.

You can also install a heat lamp near his crate to keep him warm during the colder nights.

Remember to keep the lamp a distance away from his crate to prevent him from feeling too hot and not to leave the heat lamp on for long hours.

He Is Afraid Of Being Alone

Just like your kids will start to look for you if they wake up to find themselves alone in the room, this can happen to your dog as well if he is still adapting to his new home.

You see, dogs are social animals who need to be around with other dogs or people at all times of the day.

They love to be in a pack, and if they aren’t, they tend to get lonely and feel depressed.

This is especially so when your dog finds himself in a new environment that he is unfamiliar with and WITHOUT the company of his pack members.

He can only depend on you, the only person that he knows!

So, it is important that you have to take care of your dog’s mental health and train him to be confident when being alone.

To begin with, do not let your dog sleep alone, especially if he has never been in a house before. He may have trouble getting used to sleeping by himself.

You need to make sure that he doesn’t feel lonely and gets to see you when he wakes up from his sleep in the middle of the night.

The way to do this will be to place his crate in your room so that he can easily see you right from his crate.

Leave a piece of your old clothing in his crate as well. 

The scent of this clothing will make him feel that you are just beside him and will ease his anxiety.

Feeling Uncomfortable With His Sleeping Area

It could be the case that your dog finds your bed to be much more comfortable than his crate.

This is often when your dog is not fully crate trained, and he sees the crate as a “prison” rather than a den that he likes to sleep in.

One of the best ways to get your dog to use the crate is by using the “hide-and-seek” method.

Start by hiding something in the crate that he really likes. Then, when he comes to find it, praise him and reward him with treats for finding it.

Soon, he’ll start to associate the crate with positive rewarding experience and will not resist staying in.

You can also put toys, a bone, or anything else that he likes inside the crate to lure him into the crate.

This way, you are rewarding him for making his move into the crate and staying in there.

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He Is Feeling Restless And Wants Your Attention

Your dog is feeling restless during the night, and he wants you to play with him by jumping on your bed.

He could have pent-up energy left in his body and that keeps him awake.

This can happen if your dog has had a dull day without any activities to let him drain his energy.

Plan for some physical and mental simulation games to keep him busy during the day.

This will help him to release the pent-up energy in his body and make him tired during the night.

You can also give him a long walk before going to bed and that will certainly help to make sure that he gets to let off any energy left in his body.

Do not give your dog a nap in the evening to avoid him from “recharging” his body and staying active during the night.

If your dog is a senior dog (more than 10 years old), make sure that he does not have any physical injuries such as back pain, arthritis, or anything that can affect his quality of sleep.

And if he keeps having trouble sleeping, this could be a sign of an underlying health issue. 

Bring him to see a vet for a more detailed checkup.

He Likes The “Rewarding” Experience From You

If you ever praise your dog or give him a pet when he sleeps on your bed, that can be a very rewarding experience for him.

He will learn to associate being in your bed with getting your attention and love.

This will make him want to perform this act whenever he wants your affection.

So it is important not to positively reinforce the behavior that you do NOT want your dog to learn.

Remember, praising undesirable behavior will teach your dog to do more of this bad behavior.

You should send a strong signal to your dog that you are unhappy with him in your bed by giving him a stern and calm command, “Get Down”.

This will make him know that performing this act will make you angry, and he will deter from doing that again.

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