Why Does My Dog Hump Me And No One Else

Are you frustrated by your dog’s behavior where he keeps humping you and no one else and wants to know why he is doing that?

He is doing so because he misses you so much. He is being playful and knows that only you will not punish him. He wants your attention and love or your new scent arouses his curiosity. You are rewarding him with this behavior or your energy level is making him feel excited.

He Missed You So Much (Emotional Excitement)

Just like your kids might just jump on you the moment they see you if you are deeply missed by them, the same goes for your dog.

He humps only at you because he misses you so much! 

It is hard to believe but it is true.

Dogs don’t hump their owners as a form of greeting or showing affection. They do it because they miss their owner!

If you have been away from home for ages, or you have left your dog alone at home for long periods of time, he will be very lonely.

And when you come back home, you will find him humping your leg.

He is not doing this for fun. He is telling you not to leave him alone anymore.

In fact, you will likely find him sleeping on your clothing when you are back home because the clothing carries your scent.

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He Trusts That You Would Not Punish Him (Playfulness)

Dogs are extremely smart animals. They can learn to trust a person and know that this person will not hurt them.

And since you are the person that takes care of him day in and day out, he will get to trust you.

This makes him know that you will not get angry when he humps on you, whereas if he did that on other people, they might have an unpleasant reaction.

This is likely the case when he had too much pent-up energy and nowhere to release it.

What you will need to do is to provide an outlet for him to let off his excessive energy. 

This can be done through planning some physical and mental simulation games and activities for him.

Physical games such as playing flirt pole, tug-of-war, fetching a stick or ball are just some of the ones that you can plan.

These are great ways to make your dog stay active and release his energy.

You can also plan for mental games, such as using a puzzle box to let your dog figure out the way to get his treats out of the box.

Obedience training is another good way to mentally stimulate your dog.

He will be trained to follow your commands, and he will know that if he does well, he will get his rewards.

It is one of the best ways to train your dog to obey.

Also, by doing this, you can make him feel a sense of accomplishment, and he will become more motivated to learn and to please you.

He Wants Your Attention And Love

If your dog does not get enough attention from you, he will start to hump on you just to get your attention.

He is not doing this out of affection, but because he wants to be loved.

This will usually happen when you have a new member (a new pet or baby) in your house, and you start to give your devoted attention to them and leave him behind.

He wants to regain your love.

The best way is to ignore him when he starts humping on you.

Do not give him any attention at all (Do not talk to him or pet him) till he gives up and goes away.

You will then give him a small treat to reward him for staying calm.

This will make him learn that by not humping on you, good things will happen.

He will get your attention and reward.

It may take a few days, but he will eventually get the message.

Unfamiliar Scent Aroused His Curiosity

You could have switched to a new perfume and your dog is trying to do his detective job.

It could also be the case that you have an outing with your girlfriend and the perfume that she is using is “sticking” on your body.

As no one else in your family has “changed” their odor, apart from you, that explains why your dog keeps humping you and no one else.

You see, your dog’s nose is trained to detect any slight change of scent in the air, and he’ll keep doing it until he is used to that new scent of yours.

When you change your scent, it means that there is something different about you and your dog will try to investigate to find out what it is.

What you can do is to redirect your dog to something that he likes, such as giving him his favorite KONG toys with treats so that he will focus his energy there.

It is NOT a good idea to change your scent frequently as your dog’s nose doesn’t get used to it, and he will become confused and have trouble associating that scent with you.

Your Energy Level Excited Him

Are you the only one that shows him your excitement and happiness whenever you see him waiting for you at your doorstep?

That could explain why he keeps humping you as you make him feel so excited and thrilled.

You see, your excitement level will affect the way your dog is going to react.

By showing him your excitement, this is going to make him want to be near you, and he is going to hump your leg to show his joy.

So remember to maintain your composure and calm energy whenever you see your dog eagerly waiting for you.

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You Are Rewarding Him With This Behavior

Are you the only one who will pet and praise him whenever your dog humps you?

By doing that, you are in fact encouraging him to keep repeating this behavior on you, as he finds it to be a very rewarding experience.

He will feel that by humping on you, he will get your sole attention, and you will have your hands all over his body!

What you should do is to simply ignore him when he humps on you and to only give him your attention when he has calmed down.

Alternatively, you can correct this behavior by grabbing his front paws when he humps on you and walking him in a backward direction.

This will make him feel uncomfortable and that would deter him from humping you again.

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