Why Does My Dog Hate Alexa

You have got yourself an amazing device, Alexa, which is an Amazon Echo device and was going to put it to good use. However, it seems that your beloved dog doesn’t like this device at all.

He would keep barking at the device when you tried to activate it by saying “Alexa!”.

This makes you wonder why he is reacting in this way?

The Sudden Flashing Light From Alexa Stunned Him

During the initialization process for your Alexa, a blue light will appear on your Echo speaker, with a spinning cyan. The same blue lightning will also appear when it is responding to your request.

This surprise lightning effect will startle your dog, and he will be freaked out. He is wondering why the device will suddenly start flashing on its own and will run away from it.

The Machine Generated Voice From Alexa Scared Him

Dogs are able to differentiate machine generated voices and human’s natural tone. Thus, any voice that doesn’t sound natural will typically freak them out. 

This is why your dog will be stunned when he hears a machine – generated voice from a small black box that is right in front of him. 

He is confused by the presence of a voice from this strange box and wondering if it is of any threat to him.

To keep himself from any harm, he will observe the device from a safe distance and will only go near it when he feels safe and sound.

Keep in mind that dogs can be easily frightened by the unknown. 

Your pet may feel scared if he hears voices without seeing the source.

Ultrasonic Sound From Alexa’s Speaker Is Affecting His Hearing

The Amazon’s Echo smart speakers that were built within the Alexa are generating sound waves that are impacting your dog’s sensitive hearing.

According to Amazon, the speaker’s frequency range is between 30Hz to 24kHz. A track with a 24-bit resolution and sampling rate of 48kHz can be decoded by the system.

As dogs possess sensitive hearing and can easily pick up sounds that are inaudible to human ears, it is of no surprise that what we perceive as pleasant to our ears might alarm your dog.

Alexa Is Taking Away Your Love For Him

Dogs certainly behave like humans in some ways and jealousy is one of the behaviors that they followed.

If your dog finds that you are spending more time “talking” to Alexa and ignoring his presence, he will definitely feel jealous.

He will see that black box as a threat to him as you are giving him all your focus, and he is going to grow his hate for this device.

That explains why he keeps barking at Alexa whenever you are “talking” to the device. He is trying to get your attention back to him!

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How To Help Your Dog Overcome His Fear Of Alexa

When a dog becomes afraid of a sound or an object, it can become very destructive. The way to help your dog overcome his fear of Alexa is to do some training with him.

And since Alexa is able to play music, you can use this feature to your advantage when training your dog to overcome his fear on the device.

The way to do this will be:

1. Activate the dog barking detection feature in Alexa.

2. Create a routine using the Alexa app such that whenever the echo device hears a bark in your home, it will start to play calming music to ease your dog’s anxiety.

3. Turn on other features that can help to calm down your pet, including switching on the TV show (if your dog is a TV lover) or smart lighting (if your dog is afraid of the dark), playing a soothing playlist, or even asking Alexa to “chat” with your dog.

The goal is to make your dog feel that when he gets close to the device and barks at it, good things (such as he gets to enjoy listening to music or watching TV shows) will happen.

This will make him associate Alexa with something positive and will make it easier for him to overcome his fear of the device.

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