How To Keep A Dog Warm At Night

Are you looking for the best ways to keep your dog warm at night? There are useful tips on what you should be feeding your pet and other helpful ways to keep him warm and cozy at night.

To keep your dog warm at night, make sure that he gets a balanced diet that is rich in essential fats. Keep his crate warm by adding newspaper to the bottom of the crate or install a heat lamp for his crate. Get him a dog blanket or dog pajamas or a heating pad or make him stay near a fireplace.

Foods That Keep Your Dog Warm

You may think that your dog needs less food at night because he will be less “active” during the night after his dinner.

However, this isn’t true. Your dog needs the same amount of calories to function properly during the day and at night.

A certain amount of calories helps your dog maintain his body temperature at a more constant level. 

In other words, if you feed your dog too little at night, he’ll tend to get cold and shivery in particular when the weather turns cold.

In fact, research shows that dogs should be consuming about 2-3% of their body weight per day. So if your dog is weighing 5 kg, you should feed him with 100g of food daily.

What kind of food should you feed your dog?

You should make sure your dog gets some sort of fat, proteins and carbohydrates in his diet. All three (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) are needed for optimum health. 

The role of essential fat in the body is to provide insulation against cold and heat and keep your dog feeling full (and satisfied) for a longer period of time. 

In order for this fat to do its job, it needs to be present in the diet in the form of oils and fats. 

However, too much fat in the diet can lead to obesity which is a very common problem in dogs so keep that in mind when you are planning your dog’s diet.

I believe that during the colder months, a carnivorous dog should eat more animal-based foods such as meats, fowls, fish, eggs and cheese than during any other time of year. This is especially true if his diet consists mainly of dry kibble.

Personally, I like to serve my dog “natural” meats such as chicken, turkey, beef or fish which have been cooked either baked, broiled or grilled.

These foods are easy to prepare, and they are much easier for him to digest and give him all the essential oils his body needs to keep him warm and healthy.

So if you are feeding your dog with ONLY dry kibble, I would suggest that you give him cooked meat, poultry or fish at least twice a week and maybe even more often.

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Make Crate Warm And Cozy

You can do this by adding a layer of newspaper to the bottom of the crate! This will help insulate his crate from the cold and dampness of the cement floor. It’s a good idea to do this every time you put your dog in his crate. 

If your dog is spending his night in his crate every day, you’ll probably need to change the newspaper more frequently, like once every 2 days before it gets soiled or starts to disintegrate.

This will prevent an unpleasant odor from developing and will keep your dog happy and healthy. 

Remember: Your dog needs to be kept as warm as possible while he is in his crate. A small amount of newspaper helps keep him cozy and warm.

Get Him Something He Can “Burrow Into”

Get your dog a dog blanket that is soft and thick for him.

A dog’s normal blanket is made out of wool. And, wool is a natural insulator. In other words, it keeps your dog warm in cold weather… but… it also keeps him cold in hot weather.

In fact, a dog blanket is different from your usual blanket. It’s specially designed with a lot more thought and consideration put into it than a regular blanket. You see, a dog needs something more than a blanket.

You are giving him “something” which he can cuddle and snuggle. Something he can “burrow into”, something that he can “nestle” into. In other words, you are giving him a “nest” for his blanket.

Install Heat Lamp For Your Dog’s Crate

Place the crate where there is an electrical outlet and use a 150-watt bulb to heat the interior of the crate. This will keep your dog warm and make him much more comfortable.

How long should you leave the heat lamp on?

A good rule of thumb is to leave the heat lamp on for about an hour or so, or until your dog is no longer shivering. Keep in mind that smaller breeds tend to warm up faster than larger breeds or dogs with a thick coat.

Get Him Dog Pajamas

Just like you would put on more clothing when feeling cold, you can do the same for your dog. Why not get him dog pajamas?

Dog pajamas are comfortable, warm, sleep-like garments that fit over the top of a dog’s coat. They have an elasticized opening in the front, so you can put them on your dog simply by pulling the cord at the waistband and then tightening it around his midsection.

When your dog wears his dog pajamas, he is practically swaddled in warmth! The fabric is thick and quilted to trap body heat. 

There are loops on the sides of the legs, so the pajamas won’t slide off during play. 

Dog pajamas come in several styles. Some have just a hood, some have a full-length zipper, and others even have pockets! 

Whatever your dog’s personal preference, there is a style that will be just right for him.

Keep Your Dog Near FirePlace

When your dog is feeling cold, you can make him lie in front of the fireplace to keep himself warm. 

But, if you leave him alone in front of the fire for too long, he will get so… hot! He will start to sweat and this can cause him to have a health problem called “Heat Exhaustion”. This is very serious and can be fatal.

So keep a lookout and don’t leave him alone in front of the fire for too long! 

In fact, many dogs do die from heat exhaustion every year. So make sure you pay attention to your dog and take care of him. He’s probably one of those precious things in your life.

Dog Heating Pads To Keep Him Warm

A dog heating pad works by evenly distributing heat throughout the pad. The pad is then placed on the floor of the crate or under the dog’s bedding. It’s usually waterproof and will not get damaged by water.

You should set the temperature of the dog heating pad to be at a slightly higher temperature than your dog’s normal temperature.

Let’s say your dog has a normal body temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and if you set the temperature on the heating pad to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, he will feel warm to the touch but not scalding hot. Your dog will feel this warmth all over its body.

If you use a battery operated heating pad, make sure the batteries are replaced every 6 months.

Limit The Time That He Spends Outdoor

When the weather turns cold, you should limit the time that your dog spends outdoors. This is to prevent him from getting sick as a result of a cold! 

Your dog needs exercise, just like you do. But he needs to be protected! Make him wear an insulated jacket when the weather turns cold! Also go for dog shoes that have extra insulation in them.

These protective gears are especially important for your dog when he needs to go outside for his potty during the cold weather.

And when your dog is not wearing these jackets or dog shoes, make him stay indoors. You can’t let him roam freely when the weather is freezing outside!

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Signs Your Dog Is Cold At Night

An obvious way is if he’s shivering, he’s cold.  He also either snuggles up close to you for warmth or will whine persistently.

He could also curl up in a tight “ball” shape next to his bed and refuse to budge.If he does this repeatedly, it could be his way of telling you that he is cold. 

He will try to keep himself as warm as possible by seeking for the warmest place he can find for himself during the night. This might be under the covers with you, by the fireplace or under the blankets on the couch.

So if you see your dog doing any of these things repeatedly over a period of several nights, he is trying to tell you he is cold. And you need to do something about it.

Make use of the above TIPS to keep him warm and cozy during the cold night.

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