Can I Bathe My Dog At Night

Your dog is looking for you with mud all over his body in the middle of the night, and you are wondering if it is fine to give him a bath?

The answer is “YES!”, You can bathe your dog at night.

However, there are certain precautions that you should take before you do so. 

I will share with you what needs to be done if you bathe your dog in the night to keep him safe and sound.

You can give your dog a bath at any time of the day (even during the night) as long as you keep his coat dry right after the bath. This is important to prevent him from catching any cold related infections. Make use of a hair dryer, dry blanket, your body warmth (through hugging), heating mat or lamp to help you.

Keep His Coat Dry After Bath

Yes, it sounds simple, right.

Keep your dog from cold by ensuring that his fur dries up right after the bath.

That way, he will be at less risk of catching any cold related infection.

What Are The Ways To Do It?

Use Of A Hair Dryer

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to dry your dog’s fur, then a hair dryer is definitely the best option. 

It can certainly dry up your dog’s coat within minutes and keep him from catching any cold.

However, on the downside, it can also heat up your dog’s skin and may cause burns if you are not careful enough.

Always keep the dryer in a rotating short circular motion and avoid touching your dog’s skin or use it directly on his face.

Make sure that you set the dryer at low heat and then gradually increase the heat intensity if your dog has thick and long furs.

If your dog has short fur, then you should probably always set it a low heat.

After drying the hair, brush it with a medium-size bristle brush. 

If you notice your dog feeling discomfort due to the heat, lower the heat intensity or turn off the dryer immediately to avoid overheating him.

Drying up your dog’s fur with a hair dryer is actually an easy way to keep him warm after a bath or during cold days.

However, some dogs are too timid to use a dryer, even if it is just for a few seconds. 

They may be afraid of the noise, or of being exposed to the hot blowing air while drying. 

If your dog is uncomfortable using a dryer, you can give him a blanket instead.

Use Of A Dry Blanket

If your dog is not feeling comfortable with a dryer blowing at him, you can use a dry blanket to dry him up and keep him warm.

Be sure to put the blanket over his head and neck area, as this will offer him the best comfort and warmth.

Do not leave the blanket over him for the night as he could get too hot. 

Remove the blanket and place it on his sleeping couch or crate after about 15 minutes.

You will find your dog likes to sleep on a bed of blankets or a thick rug, and he will curl up into a ball for warmth when feeling cold.

The use of a dry blanket is a good idea if you live in a place with cold weather.

Your dog can “hide” in his blanket whenever he is feeling cold and needs some warmth, in the same way that you wear a sweater or jacket to keep yourself warm during winter.

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Use Your Body To Keep Him Warm

You can also use your body to keep him warm after the bath. 

The way to do it will be to wrap your arms around him and hold him tight.

This will allow him to snuggle up against your chest and get all the warmth from your body.

He will feel as if he is in a warm cocoon of your arms and enjoy your closeness. This will also help to build his trust in you.

If your dog hates or is afraid of the dryer, you can give this approach a try after the bath.

Use a cloth to dry up your dog’s fur first then hug him tight in your arm to give him that extra warmth.

Use Of Heating Mat

To keep your dog warm after the bath, you can make him sit on a heating mat that you put on the floor or in his crate.

This will help to keep him warm as he waits for his coat to dry up.

Avoid leaving the heating mat on overnight unless its winter season and your dog finds it comfortable to stay warm that way.

You can easily get a heating mat from Amazon, and they are available in many sizes and colors to fit your needs.

If you live in a cold country, it would be a good idea to use a heating mat for your dog during the cold weather.

Use Of Heat Lamp

A heat lamp is commonly used to warm up the area where your dog sleeps.

You can place this lamp next to his couch, crate or in the room where your dog sleeps and use the heat from the lamp to keep him warm after the bath.

Have your dog rest in his sleeping area, turn on the heat lamp and that should help to keep him warm.

Remember to turn off the heat lamp once his fur is dry to prevent him from feeling too hot and uncomfortable.

Usually, it takes about 15 minutes for your dog to have his coat dry up using a heat lamp.

Having a heat lamp will also keep him from the chilling air.

Keep Your Dog Near The Fireplace After Bath

Your dog’s coat can be dried off after a bath by keeping him near a fireplace or heating vent for about 10 minutes.

This will help to dry his coat quickly and minimizes the chances of getting a chill.

Do not let him stay near the fireplace for too long to prevent overheating or getting choked by the smoke from the fire.

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What Time Should I Bathe My Dog?

Some people say that you should bathe your dog in the morning, and some say that you should bathe him at night. That is just plain silly.

There is certainly NO so-called best time to bathe your dog. 

You can give him a bath at ANYTIME of the day as long as you dry up his coat right after his bath to prevent him from getting a cold.

Of course, if you give him a bath in the daytime, he can roam around the open space to air dry his coat, and you would not need to manually dry him up using a blow-dryer.

If you are also interested in knowing how often you should bathe your dog, this post over here will clear your doubt.

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