How To Start Training A Dog

Many dog will misbehave if they do not receive the proper training. When the dog misbehave, everyone suffers. An untrained dog can cause many problems in the future.

They can also easily get lost. And no one wants to lose their dog. You can prevent many incidents with a trained dog. And you won’t have to worry about lawsuits and complains.

Dogs bark for many reasons. Whether they are hungry, afraid, angry, sad, nervous, threatened, excited, bored, stressed, aroused, uncomfortable for some reasons, restless, want some fun or simply just want your attention, They are trying to tell us something.

Barking is one way of communication, a form of expression. They don’t bark at nothing.

If your puppy is biting, you can discourage the biting by loosely holding his lower jaw between your thumb and forefinger–after he has taken your hand in his mouth.

If he tries to bite again, and then repeat the exercise until he realizes biting is a bad idea. If you consistently reprimand him as soon as he acts improperly, he’ll not only stop biting but also respect you more.

simple training tricks
Every dog without exception - has a hidden intelligence inside. It’s an untapped resource to help you remove just about any troublesome behavior.

Another area that you need to consider is their being independent. Their independence is one of the dog traits that would give you a hard time in training them. Independent dogs would resent from grooming, does not like to be petted, they love to be alone and when reprimanded, they turn away.

When your dogs are showing these signs then you should have a different way in training your dog. But remember, please do not apply force in training.

Physical corrections like hitting may have undesirable results and therefore you will just make your training with them next to impossible. Also, once you will apply force in your training, you will have a hard time to make them obey your commands.

The next thing you must do when training your dog is to provide solid leadership. It is very important that you become the alpha or leader in your relationship. If a dog senses that you are not truly the leader, you may have difficulties training if your dog tends to be an alpha.

While leash training, have the dog wear the leash and various times throughout the day. If the dog is eating, put the leash on and let the leash lay to the side of the dog. This allows the dog to become comfortable with the leash and the sensation of the leash around the neck.

Eating is also one of the most comfortable times for the dog, so its senses will not be heightened.

Some dog owners find out that a splash of water thrown on the dog’s face gives it the idea that every time it barks, it gets water on the face. If nuisance barking still persist, shake a can filled with coins or pebbles. Dogs dislike this sound and may stop barking.

A big surprise for your dog also is throwing a can filled with pebbles or coins thrown in its direction or near it. The sound never fails to catch its attention and stop its barking.

When you first start to potty train, dog or puppies, you must realize that it’s very vital that you get on the proper track to start with, and stay targeted on it. Failing to do this can lead to unhappy outcomes. You could discover yourself with headaches and frustrations, or, perish the thought, even giving your dog away.

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To train dog puppy you have to put some efforts and time. Don’t be excessively worried because it frequently takes a couple of weeks for the puppy to learn dog obedience. One piece of good news is you do not have to spend hours to train dog puppies as it only takes a few minutes each day over a few times. That’s all it takes.

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