Why Does My Dog Keep Sniffing My Stomach

Your dog likes to sniff your stomach for reasons, such as if there is a strong scent from your belly button, there is a new scent that catches his attention, you have a bulging stomach that looks appealing to him, he has heard a baby inside you, your stomach is “growling” or there is food stain on your shirt.

He thinks there is something interesting about it. He doesn’t know what it is, but he can smell it out.

Strong Scent From Your Belly Button

You may find your dog more likely to jump on you attempting to sniff your stomach when you are back from a workout session.

This is because your belly button is likely to be covered with sweat glands. These glands produce the pheromones that triggered your dog’s sense of smell and makes him curious.

This makes him want to check out and start his investigation. He will most likely get excited by the odor, because that odor is very strong for him. 

This will make him start jumping on you just to smell you and see what the excitement is about. 

This is why it is important to take a shower immediately after working out. The smell of your body will not be that strong for him.

This will greatly reduce the chances of your dog being interested in you and trying to mount you.

Of course, it could also be a case of bacterial infection in your navel that leads to the strong odor.

You see, your belly button is often the accumulated spot for oil and dirt in your body, and it is one of the first places that your dog sniffs when he begins to pay attention to you.

In other words, it’s not so much your “love handle” that your dog is sniffing, but rather the “accumulation spot” for grease and dirt in your belly button.

So it is important that you do a routine cleaning of your belly button at least once every week to keep it clean and free from any infection.

You can make use of the following steps to clean up your navel:

  1. Gently rub the inside of your belly button with rubbing alcohol after dipping a cotton swab in it.
  2. Keep repeating this step till the cotton swab comes out clean. 
  3. You can then rinse your belly button with water so that the alcohol is thoroughly removed.
  4. You can also use a cotton ball soaked in a mixture of antimicrobial soap and warm water to gently clean your belly button if you prefer not to use rubbing alcohol.
  5. Make sure that your navel is always clean and dry. It is best not to wear any tight clothing as that can easily irritate the skin around the belly button.
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Your Dog Had Heard The Baby Inside You

This may sound a bit unbelievable, but dogs have such an excellent sense of hearing and smell.

Your dog is able to hear things that are not discernible to human ears and sense smells that are not noticeable to human noses.  

He can hear the faintest whisper of a baby’s movement in your belly, and he is sniffing your stomach to do his investigation.

In fact, your dog can tell if you’re pregnant as early as your first month of pregnancy. That’s because your pregnancy hormones start working on your body.

In week 2, your body’s already flooded with hormones. These hormones affect your scent, which is easily detected by your dog.

This is nothing to be worried about. Your dog is just telling you that he has detected the presence of another living creature in your body.

Just ensure that he doesn’t make a sit on your belly!

You’ll likely notice a change in your dog’s behavior once he senses your pregnancy. In most cases, he will become more protective of you and will remain close by your side. 

As your belly gets bigger, his protective desire towards you may even intensify, and he may act aggressive towards any strangers coming near you.

This is when you will need to train him to behave himself.

New Scent That Catch His Attention

Your dog has a sense of smell that is 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than you. This means he can sniff out the tiniest amount of scent you cannot detect. 

If he gets excited by any odor, it is only because that odor is very “attractive” to him. It does not mean there is something bad about the odor.

You could have visited some perfume shops and the scent gets “trapped” on your shirt. That would be why your dog has a difficult time ignoring that NEW odor the moment you step into the house.

This is especially so if your dog is a “working dog” breed such as a German Shepherd. It is of his natural instinct to do his investigation as he is born with a sense of smell that is so acute.

This is also why they can often be deployed in police and military forces to sniff out narcotics and explosives at extremely low levels.

It could also be the case that you have got a new leather belt and the strong odor is from that. 

You will see that your dog stops his sniffing once you remove the belt from your waist.

What you can do is to let your dog sniff the belt so that he is used to the smell and that will make him get used to the scent of the belt.

This way, he will not react so strongly to the smell of the belt and will not attempt to sniff on your stomach when you are wearing the belt. 

Your dog just needs time to get used to the new scent around him.

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You Have A Bulging Stomach

If you have a perfectly flat stomach, your dog is unlikely to find your belly particularly appealing. 

However, if you have a slightly bulging stomach, your dog will most certainly find your tummy very attractive!

You see, dogs are very observant of what is going on around them. They are extremely intelligent creatures and have keen senses of smell and hearing.

Any hormonal changes in your body will likely get your dog’s attention. This is especially so for ladies when they are pregnant.

You will likely see that your dog will be interested in you more than usual, especially if he is a male dog.

You will be amazed at how much your dog will pay attention to you and how affectionate he will become.

He will be extremely curious and want to know more through sniffing your stomach as he finds the stomach protruding outwardly. 

So BEWARE of the risk that your dog might just sit on your belly, when you are pregnant.

Therefore, it is important that you keep your dog away from your stomach during your pregnancy period.

Every time your dog starts to sniff your belly, say “No!” in a calm and firm tone.  

By using the right tone, you can redirect his attention and stop him from doing whatever that makes you uncomfortable.

And when he gives you his attention, give him the “sit” command to get him to settle down, then praise him and give him a treat for following your instructions.

That will help him associate that, by not sniffing your tummy and remaining seated beside you, he will get a treat.

In time, this little exercise will get your dog to be trained in your personal “No Sniffing Zone“.

When you are getting up to leave the seat, give him the “Go” command to release him. Give him another treat for paying attention to you and following your instructions.

Your Dog Senses Something Wrong

Sometimes a dog will seek out a particular person because he senses something is wrong with that person. He wants to help and protect that person.

So, if you find your dog keeps sniffing at your stomach, it could be a signal that there is something wrong with you!

Your dog is trying to tell you something, and it could be very important for your health!

In fact, if you have been feeling unwell recently, such as having gastric flu, you would likely see your dog giving you his undivided attention, in particular on your belly.

You see, the truth is your dog really does love you, and he is trying to tell you the truth about your health. It’s an “alarm” that he is sending to YOU!

Your Stomach Is “Growling”

Your stomach could be making “noise” to tell you it’s meal time and that sounds alert your dog to start sniffing your belly to find out what is happening.

If you have this “growling” rather too often, your dog will get an eyeful of what’s going on.

He will learn that whenever he hears this sound, you are going to take a bite to satisfy your hunger!

He will learn to associate your growling stomach with meal time. And gradually, when your stomach starts to grumble, he will start growling too.

It’s like he is “telling” you that I will also be hungry, and I will get you to feed me.

You Have Dribble Something On Your Shirt

Your shirt is dribbled with food, that could trigger your dog to come near you to find out what you have been eating.

He will start sniffing on your shirt (depending on where the food stain is) and your stomach area.  

So be mindful when you are eating your meal to prevent any dribbling from happening. 

It’s happened to me so many times. I take a bite of my sandwich and BAM! There is a big glob of cheese or peanut butter or some other type of yucky stuff smeared all over my shirt. 

And guess what?  

That little incident totally threw off my dog, and he simply jumped on my stomach (that’s where the yucky stuff got stained on my shirt, near my belly) to sniff and get a taste of it.

And if you are also wondering why your dog also sniffs your puppy, you would like to read this post to learn more.

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