Why Is My Dog Sitting In The Bathtub

You know that your dog dislikes bathing, but to your surprise, you found him to be sitting in the bathtub on his own record and that puzzles you.

Why did your dog decide to sit in the bathtub?

Is he trying to cool down or is there more to that?

Your dog is sitting in the bathtub because he finds the surface of the tub cooling and helps him to relieve heat. He is hiding from you because you have intimidated him, or he does not want you to pet him (due to arthritis). He is seeking a hideout to keep him safe (firework or thunder scare him).

He Is Trying To Cool Down His Body

Your dog knows that the surface of the bathtub gives him that cooling sensation instantly. 

So this spot is going to be his first choice when he needs to cool off.

If your dog is having a hot day, this will be the place that comes to his mind where he can get some quick relief from the heat.

This is particularly so if your dog is a long-haired breed such as Afghan Hound, Bearded Collie, Briard, Havanese or Pekingese that gets “heated up” easily due to his long hair coating which traps heat in his body.

So do not be alarmed by your dog’s action of sitting in the bathtub especially in the hot months as he just needs a cooling spot!

He Is Trying To Hide From You

Have you raised your voice or yelled at your dog lately?

That could have stirred his fear in you, and he is now trying to hide from you.

It is much more likely that he will hide in enclosed areas such as your clothing cabinet or the bathtub instead of places where he may be found easily, such as his crate, couch or playpen.

So, hold on to your temper, keep calm and avoid exhibiting your anger to your dog as this will not help in correcting any of his accidents.

You see, dogs are emotional animals and are sensitive to your emotions. They can detect the slightest change in your voice, body language, or mood.

So, avoid doing anything that will install fear in your dog!

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It could also be the case that he is suffering from arthritis and does not want you to pet him.

So, he will keep himself out of your sight to avoid you putting your hand on him.

Arthritis usually happens in senior dogs, so if your dog is more than 10 years old, and you have observed that he is having difficulty moving around, especially going up the stairs, he is likely to be suffering from joint related discomfort.

Bring him to see a vet for further assessment and treatment.

To Get Away From Something That Scare Him

You see, a bathtub is located in a bathroom, which is an enclosed space and this offers him a sense of security when he needs to get away from things that bother him or make him feel uneasy.

For instance, during times of thunderstorms or fireworks where the roaring sounds can cause your dog much anxiety and fear, he will try to find a place where he will feel safe and comfortable.

If you have a crate for him, that is likely going to be his first hideout. Else, he will look for some enclosed spots such as a bathroom or bedroom for his hideout.

It could also be the case when you have too many guests or kids in your home, and he finds them to be disturbing.

Hiding in the bathtub is certainly going to give him a sense of peace as that is an “isolated” spot, away from any crowd.

Getting him to overcome his uncomfortable feelings will be a challenge, and he will need training for that. 

He Sees The Bathtub As His Den

In most circumstances, domestic dogs will usually consider a crate to be their den, a safe and secure place where they can rest and sleep peacefully.

But for those that do not have a crate to stay in, a bathtub is going to be their alternative.

Why is this so?

You see, a bathtub offers a small, comfortable enclosed area for your dog to curl himself up and this provides him with a sense of security.

Moreover, as the tub is located in an enclosed room, it gives him even more peace and quietness.

He Likes The Warmth From The Tub After Your Hot Bath

If your dog only goes to sit in the bathtub after you have had your bath, it is probably that he likes the warmth of the tub after your hot shower.

This is likely going to happen when the weather turns cold and your dog is looking for ways to keep him warm.

He Wants A Bath

Your dog finds his puppy enjoying himself so much when you are bathing him, and he wants to join in the fun.

That explains why he goes straight into the bath to wait for his turn once you are done with the puppy bath.

He is envious of the treatment (bathing) that you are giving to the puppy, and he wants to have it as well.

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He Is Trying To Get Your Attention

If you have been ignoring your dog, he will do something that you like in order to please you.

He knows that giving him a bath is a task that you enjoy so much (though that is not what he enjoys), and by getting into the bathtub, he hopes that you will feel happy and give him the attention that he is hoping for.

Of course, that is not going to be the only thing he will do to get your attention. 

He might also chew on your furniture, shoes, clothing or jump on your bed to make you notice him.

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